April 2nd, 2004


Tickets! I love tickets!

Looks like Richard and I will have a pair of glasto tickets this year anyway. For which we mostly have to thank Jan for researching and find a better URL. Not much else happening the last couple of days. New tyres have arrived, as has a bunch of stuff from Argos. I've built and populated a filing cabinet, now I just need to build the bookcase for downstairs. Bit of rearranging has meant quite a bit more bookcase space up here too, which should ease the pressure on the shelves for a while. Have been reading heaps of childrens books: 2 from Anne of Green Gables series, another 7 chalet school ones, and a Noel Streatfield that Jan has lent me. Will write them up a little better shortly. Have decided it's time for a more grown-up book and have started Du Maurier's Rebecca. Am also midway through one Tom lent me, but finding it a bit dry. Perhaps if I persevere it will improve.