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A slight case of overblogging
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Monday, March 29th, 2004

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I am a muppet
In two minds about uk.misc meet in Nodnol tomorrow I suggested to a friend that lunch might be nice, since he works near Kings Cross this would have been dead handy, and more or less convinced me to go. Only today rjk rang up and asked if I wanted tickets to join people at the cinema tomorrow night, and I completely forgot I was otherwise occupied, so I said yes. I guess I'd best mail Tom and say another time then.

Today mostly dopey, but nice dinner. Tesco finest easy steam veg in herb butter not much cop - far too salty and tasted far too much of mint, which didn't go well at all. Won't be buying that again even when I am feeling lazy.

Current Mood: inexplicably low
French onion and gruyere soup
Rump steak on a bed of wild mushroom risotto, with steamed vegetables in herb butter
Vanilla and raspberry icecreams, with belgian chocolate sauce

Served with, er, orange juice. I decided not drinking was much more important that not eating sugary things really. Maybe the odd glass once in a while but I've gone too far since Simes' birthday party and I think I should cut right back again.

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