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A slight case of overblogging
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Sunday, March 28th, 2004

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Very quiet weekend
Just three of us for BTTF2 on Friday night, but nice pizza and a nice bottle of wine and it was good. RJK hadn't actually seen it before, nor the third one! Must find time for that some time before long.

Saturday we were going to go find Mark some time in the afternoon and then probably head to the party at Milton Rd, but in the end we were just too tired, and spent the day slobbing around geeking and reading and the evening in front of the crime telly and then Mermaids, which is a rather lovely film.

And today has been lazy too. Suggesting to rjk that a cron job to use the jukebox as an alarm clock was a good idea is all very well, but him testing it at 8am when we hadn't got to bed til 2:30 was less of a good plan. It does indeed seem to work well though. We have volume control and the radio too now, which is cool.

Chicken breasts with mushroom and garlic stuffing, wrapped in bacon for dinner. And then we'll probably watch Judge Dredd, cos I haven't seen it before. I feel a bit useless for not having got more done this weekend, but I've been a bit wibbly since I got back on Friday. Got a letter from Occupational Health making me an appt for Wednesday, since I missed the last one on the 10th. Not looking forward to it. I've spent the last few weeks hiding from any sort of responsibility, and while it's made me feel much more cheerful in the meantime I can't keep doing it forever.

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