March 23rd, 2004



I'm sure I had things to say. But not much. Finished the first 6 Chalet School books, waiting for no. 7 to arrive (posted today). Filling in meantime with Jilly Cooper, since it turned up cheap in town on Wednesday. acronym was fab on University Challenge yesterday. Pleasant evening in with rjk, risotto, white wine, telly, cocktails, and now bed today. Have realised I missed Jacqueline's leaving do pub trip on Monday. Thought it was later in the week and didn't double check mail until today. Oops.

Not much else going on. Hopefully people will feel like more pizza and vids on Friday and we can watch Back to the Future II, since Mike's lent it to us, having watched the first one last Friday. Probably go to the pub tomorrow for the quiz and Thursday for the geek crowd. Mostly sleeping and reading during the day. Don't mean to spend so long in bed but keep being tired in the mornings, and hard to get the cycle back more normal. Will try getting up when rjk does tomorrow.