March 16th, 2004


What's in a name?

I've always found it vaguely interesting the way names kind of drift around me. It used to be I was always Eleanor to most people I knew at school or college or whatever, LNR to people I knew online and Ellie to family. But somehow Ellie has this habit of leaking out into social circles occasionally, usually through partners, and getting into general circulation. So I was Ellie for quite a bit while going out with Matthew in Oxford, and there seem to be a largish group in Cambridge these days to whom I'm Ellie too. I know a couple of people have said they find it odd, since they don't think of me by that name.

I'm always amused at how much LNR gets out in real life too. It sounds funny out loud, but even Richard's parents call me it in mail. In a lot of ways it's kind of like that's my initials, or at least it gets used in places other people use initials anyway. That's why ecb39 doesn't feel like quite me. Though Paul vetoed me from conspiring with the operators to get me a spare CRSid for lnr. And as you can see I use it lowercase too these days, though initially it was always in caps.

Other nicknames I've had have mostly died. I was Polar Blair for a long while at school, and somehow that got mutated in Polaroid at times too. And I've been Perditax sometimes as well, nickname given to me by a certain Gotterdamerell. I mostly save that as the name of the windows personality of my computer these days, though it sometimes gets an outing on irc. eleanorb has only ever been a username, but I often find myself having to hit backspace at the end when typing my name, I've been using it so long. hert0145 has been gone for 5 years now, but I still half fancy the idea of a tshirt with it on.

To me I'm just me.