March 15th, 2004


28: Tears of the Giraffe: Alexander McCall Smith: ISBN 0-349-11665-2

Sequel to The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency this book is equally delightful. Following Precious Ramotswe's detective agency through more interesting and touching cases, and her life through interesting changes. It still has an utter delight in the landscape and traditions of Botswana and its people. And overall it has a huge emphasis on the importance of family and friends and being nice to one-another. Lovely.

Yay for Karen and Simon

For they have lent us the first of their CSI dvds, and hence we have been able to watch lots of CSI over the last two days to make up for forgetting to tape Saturday's. It's rather good fun to see from the beginning. Other than that and reading and geeking it's been a quiet couple of days. Nice having rjk around the house. Maybe we should try and get out and do something tomorrow.