March 9th, 2004


Doing nothing but more of it

Instead of going back to bed this morning I got up when rjk did and then went and had a bath when I felt like collapsing again. Took Le Retour du Roi with me. Bubbles and books good, though thankfully I'm good at not dipping the latter in the former

Wandered into town for lunch with Mike in Tatties, followed by some slightly mad shopping. He was very patient with me dragging him into Bravissimo (their 16 super curvy shirt is a great fit on the bust but a tad too small on the waist, apparently they're planning to increase the range though and an 18 should be available by Autumn at least). Then round the market and into Ann Summers, since the alternative clothing fair wasn't in town today, followed by HMV. Neither of us actually bought anything beyond lunch which was remarkably restrained. Only then Mike had to go back to work so I bought 5 books in Waterstones and Borders, and then spent 15 quid on assorted food in Sainsbury, and only just managed to cycle home with it all.

Read for an hour or so then dozed for a couple until Richard got home. Not bad considering I was a bit short on sleep last night. Nice fresh pasta and carbonara sauce for dinner. Didn't seem like enough food but now surprisingly full. CSI and Law and Order soon. Our Tuesday nights are becoming pred.
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