March 8th, 2004


Yay for LJ::Simple

Thanks Simes. With some faffing I have now automagically reposted 287 entries, as private backdated entries, from what was once a word document diary, dating back to 1989. All seems to have worked OK. Now only 1999/2000/2001 are completely blank. I'm half thinking of writing some summaries based on mail archives, but that can be for another day, since it would take a fair amount of reading.

Rest of today

Spent much of the day asleep, though managed to have fishfinger sandwiches for lunch and read some more ofthe Tolkien. Watched the two B5 episodes I'm behind by. They were both rather good, and I'm becoming more and more fond of Marcus. He's great. Then LJ/diary faffing before dinner of steak and potato wedges and mushrooms and fried egg. Am now exceedingly full.

It's not really been terribly productive today all told. We have however put the whole of Squarepusher's Do You Know Squarepusher album on and listened to it. It seems it really does come across less like just noise if you listen to it together in the right order than just one track at random inbetween more melodic stuff. That could be considered useful maybe :-)
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