February 28th, 2004


22: Tooth & Nail: Ian Rankin: ISBN 0-75280-940-7

Another one borrowed from my mum, this time when I was up to visit last weekend. Being light-weight it jumped the queue over the over half dozen books I borrowed in November. This is the third in the Inspector Rebus novels, and I've definitely decided it's a series I can live with and enjoy, though I'm still amused at my mum lending me stories about serial killers when she's trying to get me to read "nice" things as an antidote to being fed up. Despite the messy killings I have to admit this sort of thing does make a pretty good way of perking oneself up. I guess I just like detective stories, which is why I've got into CSI and Law and Order on the telly lately. Maybe some day I'll read some Inspector Morse, since I know the streets of Oxford better than I do Edinburgh, or in this case London. Anyway despite the change of scene, this one had just the right mix of murders, mystery, family trouble, irritating colleagues, nice chaps and a little bit of romance. Good stuff.

So, what have I been doing after all that cleaning?

Last night I cooked a rather nice mushroom and pepper risotto for dinner, and settled in for an early night with supper and the Rankin, having finished Northanger Abbey on Thursday, and we had the lights out by the remarkably civilised time of midnight, especially for a Friday. Woken early this morning by my CDs arriving, I got up and geeked for a bit and then decided actually I was still tired and went back to bed for another 3 hours just as rjk was getting up. Spent the afternoon listening to the new CDs (Placebo, Supergrass, The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, OK Go, Wilco and Alabama 3) and having written up the previous two books I felt justified finishing the Ian Rankin (you can tell it's lightweight if it goes so quickly). Time to start thinking about dinner and then heading out to birthday parties. Two we plan to visit, though not sure in what order yet.