February 25th, 2004


I shouldn't have.

But I've just bought a bunch more (cheap) CDs from Amazon for 45 quid. But even including 120 quid on clothes this month and a 55 quid train ticket I calculate I'm still only going to be about 115 quid down on this month compared to last month. And oddly enough next month I won't need new clothes.

In to the office tomorrow to talk to James about the fact the psychiatrist recommends 6 weeks off in the first instance.

Oh yes, I should have

On a more frugal note I've decided that for the length of lent I'm going to give up sweet things. Almost no-cal squash and fizzy pop aside. No sweets, biccies, cakes or chocolate basically. I shall no doubt overcompensate with savoury things instead, but we'll see. I think I've had too much of a sweet tooth lately. Poor Richard will just have to consume the rest of the nice chocs himself.