February 24th, 2004


Quiet day/Busy Day

Yesterday I did approximately nothing. Finished Master and Commander then failed to either a) write a review of it or b) even get out of bed for quite some number of hours. Ate rubbish for lunch, and spent the afternoon slobbed out in front of Saturday's crime telly which rjk had kindly taped for me and then some more crap telly when Richard got in. And then when the evening came I slobbed out again, this time in front of the computer, and Richard made me dinner.

Today I did much better, though I still didn't get up until after 11. Went over to help Christi with some cleaning for a landlord inspection, and while we didn't get the lot done I think I was a reasonable amount of help, and a lot of company and assistance against panic. Came home via Tesco, which resulted in me cycling in the rain carrying far more shopping than is strictly sensible. And now I have made pancake batter so we can have pancakes for dinner. And I've even got savoury fillings in mind as well as sweet. And if I go cook in half an hour or so we can eat them before tonight's crime telly too.

Letter from my psychiatrist today, CC of what she's written to the doctor at occupational health. Don't know what he'll think of it. I'm not sure I'd go as far as saying I'm suffering from anhedonia, since I'm clearly capable of experiencing pleasure still, just much less so than I might hope. Oh well, appointment with her tomorrow. I am fretting about it. I just don't really want to go back to work.
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Garlic and herb philadelphia, with fried mushrooms, bacon and smoked ham
Houmous, with black pepper and lemon juice
Sliced banana, with extra thick double cream, nutella and maple syrup
Traditional lemon juice and sugar