February 15th, 2004


Decisions decisions

Both of these films end later than I want to be up tonight. But I'd like to see both. I've seen The American President before, and it's a sweet film which is the sort of thing I'm very much in the mood for lately, though I suspect it wouldn't be to rjk's taste. The Portrait of a Lady however I haven't seen before, but sounds interesting, which in some way makes me feel like I ought to see that instead, since it might turn out to be really really good. By 11pm I need to decide which I'm going to tape. Wanna help? Collapse )

Quiet day

Got up and spent a couple of hours defrosting the freezer. It really needed doing. I practically filled the washing up bowl with water and ice in the process, as well as soaking two towels right through. And some of the bits of ice were a couple of inches thick. Lots more room in there now anyway. The rest of the day I've mostly read and dozed, ok and smirked a little at the confusion I managed to cause j4 and simont.

This evening rjk has gone out to a rehearsal for the LOTR reading the CTS is doing in June. They have another one on Tuesday. I'm impressed. While he's been out I have been faffing. I've finally admitted to myself that most of my "real" webpages are now merely history, but I don't want to get rid of them. The main index page has been mostly stripped bare though, and now only has extra links to my LJ, Amazon wishlist and the list I've just hacked using ls of our CD collection. I'm mildly scared by it I have to admit!

Going to watch Sense and Sensibility soon. Still haven't definitely decided which film to tape of the later two, but given how much I've pouted at the results of the poll I suspect I shall be entirely ignoring your esteemed advice. It's kind of like tossing a coin and seeing how you react to the result: a way of working out your own feelings on the subject.