February 14th, 2004


16: Les Deux Tours: J R R Tolkien: ISBN 2-07-052268-7

I'm surprised to have finished this in about a fortnight, though it was helped by me being off sick with a cold at the beginning and hence having lots of time tucked up in bed in which to read. It's always nice to re-read, and made nicer by having seen the films again, and of course being in French adds another dimension too. It was especially nice to re-read the interactions with Faramir, and remind myself just what his character is really like. And the Gollum/Smeagol stuff is of course rather different written than when done on film. I liked the way the film portrayed it though, it worked well. Um, I'm rambling to no real end here aren't I? Shall give it a break and read a couple more things in English before going on to Le Retour du Roi, but I'm looking forward to it still.


I'd forgotten The Rock was as good as that actually. Cage and Connery make a good double act. Whole thing a bit short on women mind, but I guess it's not really that sort of film. I wonder if the girlfriend is only really thrown in to make it more girly? </cynical>. A pleasant evening anyway. Pizza arrived 40 mins before the film was on which gave us just time to watch another of the Red Dwarf backlog before the film. And then geeked lots before bed. We're such energetic go-out partying types right? Pleasant long lie in this morning and a pretty card and present from ewx, thanks sweetheart. I think the fact he's bought me pretty pottery and I bought him book/cd/dvd actually is probably a pretty fair representation of what we'd like to get. Maybe we're getting to know each other well. Or perhaps he'll correct me :-). He's listed the things I bought for him, for myself I got a copy of Alexander McCall Smith's The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. My mum lent me the follow-up book a while back thinking I'd read this one first, and since I hate reading things out of order it seemed an obvious choice. And I also got a copy of Master and Commander. I'm a sad copy-cat reader really, but I don't mind admitting it.

Lunch now, and then probably heading out to wish beckyc a happy 3 years in Cambridge. And then dinner this evening should be nice, and no doubt we'll watch some more films or something. Tomorrow maybe we'll get up early enough to go and see the matinee showing of M&C at the Arts, but we'll see.