February 10th, 2004



rjk seems to have discovered the LJ valentines system is running again this year. I'm trying to decide whether to make my choices visible if even if they don't choose me back, wavering between both alternatives at the moment. Seeing more familiar faces on OK cupid as well as meeting new people. A couple of new additions to friends list as a result (Hi Ellie, Jase, Bill). And a mysterious friend of a friend who heard about it from me having mentioned it, but is not telling yet who passed it on. Curious.

At the moment I'm being a bit of a weeble: I wibble and I wobble but I refuse to fall down. Or at least I'll keep getting up again. Was sad not to make it out to watch University Challenge with Jesus Walkingshaw last night, but I really needed to just spend the evening napping. Work is being hard work at the moment, Occ Health tomorrow, see what they think. Still keeping up with the routine stuff though, and I know what I did with MyDoom was a huge help, so it can't be all bad.

Still, if I get the rest of the washing done tonight I think swimming after work tomorrow and then the pubquiz sounds like a good idea. Hopefully I can manage to make myself awake enough by Friday to be able to make BMovie. We'll see.


Just told rjk my dream from this morning and he thought I should post it here. For soem reason I was watching a row of people sitting on a park bench, an implausibly long one, but that's dreams for you. Some of them were couples, and most of them seemed to have children, either on laps or in pushchairs. At the far right hand end of the bench were one couple, the woman very heavily pregnant and her partner looking down paternally at the creature cradled in her arms. Which on closer inspection turned out to be a very fluffy grey duck. God knows what on earth it might mean. Perhap's ghoti's dream dictionary has some clues.