January 25th, 2004



Where did it go? Somehow it's days since I last said anything and I don't seem to have done much. Went swimming and completely knackered myself in the process on Wednesday. Since then I seem to have had a couple of useless days at work and otherwise stayed home. The washing up is beginning to be tamed, I've finished one book and got partway through another, watched Memphis Belle on telly on Friday but otherwise really done sod all. I can't believe it's only 3 weeks back at work since Christmas, it seems like forever. I only have one day of holiday left before March, and only 2.5 weeks between then and October. Not a terribly wonderful prospect really the way I feel about work at the moment but maybe things can improve. Anyway, just watched Batman and Robin (which really is dreadful, but great fun in its way, and stars Alicia Silverstone's arse), and now having some supper before hopefully managing an earlier night.