January 18th, 2004


What other people have been doing

I've had a very quiet weekend. Yesterday I stayed in and geeked and read and watched From Dusk Til Dawn while Richard went to London with Kirsten and Benedict, and then joined them for dinner before going to the gig at the Boat Race. Today I geeked and cooked while he went out for a long walk with Thomas and Emily, Becky, Rachel and Tony. Though they did come over and join me for dinner after their walk which was nice. Doing a proper (veggie) chilli with all the extras (rice, tacos, potato wedges, sour cream/fromage frais, cheese, lettuce, salsa) makes dinner so much more fun than just having the chilli with rice alone.

I had a bottle of alcohol free chardonnay to go with it, as an experiment. Dieting and being on pills means I really should try not to drink much if anything at all, and this seemed like a good way to enjoy a drink anyway, since I like a nice glass of wine. Unfortunately after taking the alcohol out they added lots of fructose back in. Possibly this is because it would otherwise taste horrible, but it just made it far too sweet for me. They seem to have more or less got the hang of alcohol free lager which isn't all that much worse than the real thing, shame they don't seem to have managed it with wine or real beer.

We had dinner really early, since they were tired and hungry, and I'd only had a small lunch, so now it feels very much later than it actually is. Hopefully that will mean we can get an early night tonight though. I'm really not looking forward to work next week, but hey I have a whole week without any appointments with anyone, which is cool.