January 10th, 2004



Let's think, what have I been doing this week. I don't seem to have gone out much in the evenings, but that has mostly been due to tiredness and distractedness. Meant to go to the pub after class on Thursday but got distracted by the new material I was reading over dinner and by the time I looked up it was after 10 and hence a bit silly. Similar happened last night really. I did have a nice lunch with Jan yesterday. Martin's is terribly convenient and means we get to have pretty much the whole hour, rather than losing some of it on travelling. We talked lots, which was good because I miss talking to her. I only wish I could help more, but there's not much I can do. And if I tried I'd probably only make things worse.

Plan for today is to geek, eat, work out what book to read next, watch B5 at Simon's, somehow rescue a cake from Relativity and then possibly if people are interested have a gathering here with the excuse of celebrating a Happy Quarter-Epoch.