January 7th, 2004


A quiet few days

Worked at home again yesterday, since John and Caroline assured me it was still too cold. It seems one of the pumps on the heating system in our wing had broken. Today Stephen had brought in a big electric heater to lend me and John, and it was almost up to a toasty 21° by hometime today. Yesterday wasn't on of my most productive days, due to being too tired, though today was somewhat better. Installed and played with some anti-spam software, seems a vaguely plusible thing to recommend to users in the dept who insist on using Outlook, since it works quite well.

Outside work I spent yesterday mostly reading after deciding I wasn't really in a fit state to go and be sociable, especially since it involved Becky kindly volunteering to cook dinner, when I'd decided on a red day, which would only make things awkward. So far this evening I've just caught up with the LJ comments from the last couple of days, and cooked dinner. A rather pleasant thai-ish beef stirfry, with just the right balance of spicyness.

Oh yes and I went to see the Doctor at Occupational Health too. His reaction seemed to mostly be "yesss, maybe you're not coping quite as well as you seem to be at first glance (after I explained about the tearfulness), and said we'd see how the counselling went, and that he agreed the pschiatrist probably was a very good idea still too, and come back in a month). My diary is filling up with appointments with people who are ostensibly supposed to be making me better, but it does all seem rather pointless sometimes.

Anyway, my book is calling me, no doubt it will be joining the list before long (they're all going in memories).
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