January 4th, 2004



My head being too much like a colander I am making notes on our new calendar. So far it has birthdays, January and February's Bmovies, and the weekend I'm heading up north to celebrate my sister's birthday written on it. If you have anything else you think is of note and that I might like to add to it do let me know. Sorry Toby, I'm busy the afternoon of the 10th so doubt I'm going to make it down for your celebrations but do have fun.

Today I have mostly been reading and cooking. I did some reading of old SW magazines before we went to the supermarket which has given me some recipe ideas, and certainly made the shopping more expensive. I shall have to make sure we eat things before they go off. Rather good chicken and chickpea and tomato spiced stew for dinner, with garlic mashed potatoes and mashed swede and carrot.

Back to work tomorrow, so we've decided to spend the rest of this evening (once rjk has finished posting diagrams of car innards) watching Subway, so I can give it back to Paul. I have two appointments with occupational health this week, but can only find one of the appointment cards, so I don't know when the other is, and the one I do have doesn't say if it's with the nurse or the doctor so I'm going to have to ring them up and sound stupid on the phone first thing tomorrow. And I *must* get back to my own doctor at some point and get a new prescription of ADs. Only a week since I've run out and I'm bursting into tears several times a day, often for no good reason. Oh well, pretty cheerful in the meantime at least.