January 2nd, 2004



My sleep cycle has gone all wonky. Having gone to bed at 6 yesterday morning I didn't get up til 2ish yesterday afternoon, which is a sensible amount of sleep really but all in the wrong place. Had a nice day yesterday though. Spent the day itself mostly pottering: geeking and reading HP. Christened the new wok with a rather good chinese (OK so it used bottled sauce) - thanks again Paul, having cooked with it it's now even clearer what a wonderful wonderful thing it is. Tried and failed to make it to SW, but did weigh self and get the graphs updating again. OK so that wasn't a very nice bit really. The horrid truth being even horrider than feared. Though that's definitely the heaviest time of day - I was 3 lbs lighter at bedtime and another 2 lighter this morning - shame that doesn't count :-) Will see how I'm doing next week anyway.

A handful of people came over yesterday evening after hearing that the Carlton wasn't open. We talked for a while, and then since we were all really dopey it seemed like a film might be a better idea and we watched Shrek and laughed lots (OK and went *awww* and in my case maybe cried a bit, films shouldn't be allowed to use Hallelujah as soundtrack to sad bits OK). And as it finished we realised Breakfast club was on the telly and watched the rest of that too. By the time we finished it was after 1:30. So of course sensibly we went to bed pretty soon to get back to normal right? Well, maybe if we hadn't read until 3:15. But still, up around 11:15 this morning, and another two mornings to drag the day back a bit more the right direction before I have to actually get up at a properly sensible time. And at least I'll be properly tired by bedtime today!

Today should be another quietly pleasant day hopefully - it's nice being on holiday. Though perhaps I will take the time to write a house to-do list. Hey I could even use the wiki Richard set up :-)


Today's Diesel Sweeties on this theme made me laugh. I don't think I have any specific resolutions to make for this year, but some vague goals to work towards instead.

- Sticking to eating in a way that will gradually take the weight back off, and not letting it go completely whenever there's a small setback.

- Getting to grips with my job properly, and if not finding something to move to that suits me better.

- Continuing to improve my finances, there's no reason why I can't live well within my income and soon be back in positive money all the time, I just need to resist splurging on things.

- If possible being in the right frame of mind come the summer to really work out what to write a dissertation about, so I can get down to it in September.

I rather like the concept of 50bookchallenge, but rather than joining that community I think I'll just try and keep track of all the books I do manage to read this year, since it might make an interesting list, and it might also encourage me in a bit of variety.