Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

17: Ladyhawke: Joan D. Vinge: ISBN 0-330-28872-5

Ooops. I definitely finished this one before I started on the Lady Detectives, but somehow forgot to write it up, so forgive the retrospective renumbering. I was reminded it was missing because this is another re-read due to recently watching the film. IMDB dates the film from 1985 and doesn't mention the book, the book is copyright 1985 and doesn't mention the film. I am at an utter loss as to which came first. That said I've known the book since probably not long after 1985 and only saw the film a week ago and I know which holds the more charm for me. It's a childish fantasy love story. "An epic adventure as real as the slicing sweep of a broadsword blade..." according to the cover, and that's about as sophisticated as it gets. But it's a sweet tale, and the film missed a couple of nice little things that were in the book including the lovely little scene at the end. I'm not sure I'd recommend it to anyone over the age of 15 really, but for me it's a little trip down memory lane.

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