December 31st, 2003


Some random observations

Harry Potter 5 is pretty good so far. Language is evading me a bit in places but not too much to the detriment of the story I hope.

Ilium seems to have been a good choice, rjk is currently rather stuck in it and finding it hard to put it down.

Andrew W makes a mean pasta sauce, and great puddings. Had a very pleasant evening over at his place, and was amazed to find it was midnight. Some ideas for new musical directions to give a try, and lots of random conversation. Was good to grasp a vague idea of what his research is about, even in the most handwavy way.

Looking forward to seeing people tomorrow for New Year.

Have run out of pills, and I've felt the effects creeping up on me a couple of times today, but seem to be OK betweentimes. Must rectify this.
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    The Doors - The Crystal Ship