December 18th, 2003



I'm not doing very well at keeping up at the moment. Lovely couple of days. ROTK and pizza yesterday, pleasant evening in the pub this evening and nice to celebrate rjk's birthday some more, if rather more sedately than on Saturday. And it's been a stunningly lovely day. Cycled home across jesus green and was just completely struck with awe and the beauty of the mist, which was a chets-high blanket across the open space. Looking forward to lunch tomorrow in the bun shop with friends. And really pleased for Jan and mhk's respective positive job news. Less looking forward to 9:15am appointment at counselling service. Hard to see the point, but I can't deny that I'm getting less productive again in the office. Must find time to pop over to Karen's and drop of Christmas presents for her and E-J, and try on dresses to find something suitable for a wedding reception. And then see on Saturday morning if the weather forecast is any less doom for Sunday, before heading north. Oh I hope not, looking forward to the celebrations, and to briefly seeing mum and dad on the way back down. But now I shoulf be in bed. Tired from too late a night last night, even if it was worth it.