December 13th, 2003



Enjoyed Vicky's birthday celebrations on Thursday though we were absolutely shattered by the end of it. The food in particular was excellent, and much amusement was had with the seafood paella. Friday we stayed in and did some tidying, and got the jukebox working from sfere downstairs, which makes party music much easier, though the user interface leaves a lot to be desired. Tidied some more today and then sent rjk out for a while so I could ice the cake and decorate a bit. Looks like we're all set now and just waiting for some guests. Pizza for dinner and a couple of red dwarf episodes was a good idea. And now we have all of the first three tapes catalogued, and have started on the fourth. So far no episodes missing, which is better than I expected, and cool. Best get back before the mulling cider boils over!