December 3rd, 2003



In my vague wanderings on the web this lunchtime I found which rather amused me, no doubt some people have seen it before.

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I've been shattered the last few days, and not really keeping up with LJ properly - been reading but rarely commenting or joining in polls and the like or reading all the comments. Perhaps I'll do that this evening. Monday and Tuesday I was so tired I was really really unproductive at work but today was better. Even if I did end up completely stuck with something I was hacking on until Paul pointed out it was falling over and complaining loudly simply because I hadn't actually fetched any data from the sql statement handler I'd just prepared and executed. The error message was not the most instructive! That's what I get for trying to check the bare bones of something works before trying to do anything with it! Anyway, making progress there at least which is nice.

I have another appointment with the occupational health nurse tomorrow, one with their doctor either a week or a fortnight or so later, one with the staff counsellor on the 19th and now one with a psychiatrist at addies on the 22nd. And all I wish was that I could just get them all to go away and leave me alone, which isn't really the best frame of mind I guess. But every meeting where people talk about being understaffed and overworked just makes it more and more obvious that even though I'm improving a little it's just not good enough. I've no idea how long I should give myself before just quitting. Til Christmas is too soon after all these appointments, and then I've got 2 weeks off, so New Year is no better. Perhaps the end of January. That should give a better idea of if it's actually going to work or not.

In non-work-related stuff Sunday afternoon was spent at Becky's with Cities of Gold and more nice food, followed by a brief stop in the pub to wish Mobbsy Happy Birthday. Monday evening we spent just geeking for the most part, and Tuesday we watched Gattaca, which I'd taped off the telly on Monday since I didn't want to stay up til 12:40. I'm glad we did, because it was really rather excellent. Tonight I've promised us an early night, and I need to eat, but other than that I've no idea what we'll do. Doubt we'll be at the quiz. I hate the long days that getting the bus results in. Not getting home til 7 makes the evening so much shorter. Oh well. Dinner.