November 27th, 2003


Getting a bit behind

Let's see, Tuesday I was late to see Occupational Health and then had a somewhat grotty day in the office. Can't recall what we did in the evening. Wednesday I took off sick, but managed to persuade Simon to kindly give me a lift to the pub, where I went through four different flavours of fruit juice drinks (apple and mango is winning I think) and a rather scrummy hot chocolate and helped our team to fail to get the booby prize. Then helped rjk hobble home. Today I more or less dragged myself out of bed and into the office by 10:30am, which is appallingly late, but I didn't really expect it to take an hour to get in on the bus. Must allow for this in future.

Spent the first half of the day wanting to weep into my keyboard in frustration, but then perked up a bit, sent a couple of mails to organise a couple of things and then spent the afternoon finding lots of Windows anti-spam tools, and beginning to have a look at their specs. Once I've narrowed it down to vaguely promising ones I'll start installing and testing. Looking for cheapness, effectiveness, being easy to install and use, and being usable with both POP and IMAP based clients, and not being horrible security holes (having their own wide-open SMTP proxies is not good) or encouraging users to do stupid things (like faking bounces to spam). It's a bit of a tough brief really, but given it's taking us forever to get anything like a sensible infrastructure to do serious stuff server-side it makes sense to try and find client-side applications which we can recommend to the stroppier users. Or we could just keep telling them to bog off and get hermes accounts instead I guess, but that feels like defeat.

Pleasant evening in with M&S chinese takeaway, and Spinal Tap on DVD (thanks love, a great present!) and then some pleasant geeking. And now I really must get to bed. And I still have no clue what to wear tomorrow. Oh well.