November 24th, 2003


Rest of week

Thursday: great time at the pub. Andrew, Jan and Paul in particular all absolutely spoiled me. Had a lovely time trying to make sure I talked to everyone at least a little, hope I didn't miss anyone out.

Friday: managed to work pretty much all day again, though was a bit wibbly for some of it. Then got on a train up north. Only slightly delayed we arrived to a rather impressive dinner for 8 (mum and dad, me and rjk, Steph and Dave, and Em and John) with birthday cake and chocolates for afters then more lovely presents.

Saturday: up in time to catch the last half hour of the Rugby, which was great stuff. Then off to Bradford to the National Museum of Film Photography and Television. Chased a dalek, teased a cyberman, giggled lots. Wandered round the museum a bit, and then got to watch a preview of the first episode of the new Dr Who animated series, which is showing on BBCi on Thursday apparently. Home for a drink in the pub and a quiet afternoon followed by dinner at in Brighouse, which was absolutely fantastic.

Sunday: lazy morning in, nice Sunday lunch with a cool pudding made from Steph's unfortunate attempt at a birthday cake. Just time for a coffee before it was time to head off for the train home. Pizza for dinner, and then lots more Red Dwarf. 6 Episodes of season 2 on tape, then the first one of season 3, followed spookily by another one from 3 which was on the telly immediately afterwards. At some point should work out exactly which episodes I do and don't have. Possibly soon, since if they're re-showing 3 at the moment I might be able to fill in some gaps.

Bedtime now, should have got there sooner really, but never mind. Have cough, hope it doesn't last.
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Who's winning?


  • Orange after eights
  • rjk cooking me dinner
  • A quiet evening in
  • Oooh, chiark suddenly reappeared while I was typing


  • Got cough, can't sleep, tired
  • Bike nicked
  • chiark down for fettling
  • Trying to remember too many new passwords all at once

Looks like the good has suddenly come up with a 99 1/2th minute breakthrough! Update: OK, chiark only pingable, can't log in yet. I think that takes it back to being a draw.