November 17th, 2003


Lazy Sunday

To make up for a very bouncy Bmovie on Friday night (danced lots in the last 45 mins or so, was cool), a late night with some gossiping and geeking before bed back at Marna's and a busy Saturday (lunch at Wagamama's, Erotica all afternoon, dinner on train back, home at 8:30ish then straight out to Owen's party), I've had a nice quiet today.

Awake early (10:30ish), but had a long lie in and didn't get up til 1:30. Geeked and had lunch, then read some of the random literature (ish) that I picked up at Erotica, before watching The Princess Bride (no, I've no idea how many times I've seen it, no I don't *quite* know all the dialogue verbatim, but it's close) cooking dinner and then watching Gremlins, which was great fun. Nice to curl up with rjk on the sofa. All punctuated by phone calls from Mum and Ricky.

S'been a nice day, but I do seem to need to keep busy or I start feeling miserable and worried again. Wonder if trying to avoid thinking about it is the best thing, but I can't *do* anything until I see Occ Health on Thursday anyway. Still, life goes on, and as can be seen recently it clearly has lots of good bits. Sin count currently at 71.5, with quite a bit of estimating on Saturday but I hope I wasn't too far wrong. Staying off the scales, will see how I've done on Tuesday.
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