November 13th, 2003



Can anyone offer me and Richard crash space for Friday night?

[In other news work is not going well. It's clear to management that while I'm in the office and getting routine things done I'm clearly not putting in a full day's work most (or probably even any) days. They know I'm depressed and I'm being referred to occupational health to help decide if perhaps long-term sick leave might be the answer. I feel half like it's just laziness on my part, and that I'm just using the depression as an excuse, but I can't even tell how much that is true any more, if ever. *hugs* and so on can be taken as read, and thankyou in advance. Not really sure I want to talk about it right now though, but just thought I'd let people know why I'm suddenly feeling much worse again].
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Last call for Bmovie crash space

Kake's offered her living room, but it seems a bit unfair on her and doop since they're not even coming to Bmovie anyway. So if someone who is going can volunteer then do let me know ASAP.

Update: going for Kake's, since we haven't seen her in ages. Sorry for faffyness all round, and thanks for the other offers. (I'm sure I updated this lase night, but I must have got it wrong)

Bloody hell

No wonder none of my size 12 and 14 clothes fit. By the tape measure and all the size charts I've been able to find for UK clothes my hips are a size 16-18. Worse my waist's a size 20-22 and my bust is 22-24. WTF?! (44, 37, 46 inches respectively). Wondering if I've had the tape measure wonky now. Though IME that usually results in smaller numbers not bigger.