November 11th, 2003


Weight update

Fresh start, joined class again tonight. New starting weight of 13 stone 5. Club ten target (10% loss) is 12 stone. Currently aim is to see how easy it is to get back to 11 stone, and then maybe aim for 10 1/2 stone as final target. Timescale is expected to be rather longer than it took me to put the weight back on, but hey, that's life. 12 weeks for the price of 10 paid up front as an incentive. *fingers crossed*.
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Thanks all

Thanks for the good wishes for the weight loss.

After class pottered a bit, then had a nice dinner with Richard and sat and read the College News section of the Hertford Magazine (a bit book-like thing that comes out every 2 or three years, rather than the glossy thing that comes out once a term or so). Was sad to read that Michael Chantry who was Chaplain while I was there died in September. He'd retirely in 2001, after 40 years as Chaplain. I've never believed in God but he was still very good to me during hard times and a very nice man, I'm sure he'll be missed. Nice to hear some of the other things that have been going on though.

Headed off to the Calling around 10, a little later than intended. Didn't stay long as we were tired and ran away like big girly wusses at 11:40. Did say hi to various people though, had a nice chat with Simon (if somewhat hampered by the music being louder than usual), complimented Pete on the hair colour, and likewise Jess, and arranged a date to come and visit Kitty, which I shall look forward to. Nice to say hi to emarkienna again (how should I refer to you when not using lj tags?) and was introduced to Charlie who apparently has no LJ yet. Strange! Found about 3 tracks I wanted to dance to, which was a bit of a poor showing, but I guess we weren't there long, and I was spoiled last Monday at Laughton's.

Bedtime very soon.
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