October 23rd, 2003



I thought getting more sleep was supposed to make you feel less tired, not more? Slept a bit better last night than I have been doing lately, but still ended up napping at my desk through my lunch break. Never mind. Have finally given up on telling myself I'll get round to going into town to look at VCRs and have ordered one from Tesco. It's 60 quid, does Nicam and long play and is black (of course), sounds fair. This means we'll finally be able to watch some of the now rather considerable video collection. In the meantime Paul has lent me a couple more DVDs to watch, Nikita and Subway. I may try the latter with the subtitles off and see how I cope.

Lunch with Paul yesterday, and we had a long chat which was mostly just wibbling but we did actually get onto the subject of work eventually, and I'm feeling more positive about things again. Caroline offering to take me off the postmaster alias for the fortnight I'm away has definitely perked me up a bit too, should make my mailbox that bit more managable when I get back. Didn't make it to the pub last night, since rjk's knee was aching oddly and he thought it better to rest it than do more cycling. Hopefully it's feeling better today. Curled up and watch Xmen on the telly instead. Having seen Xmen 2 already made it a bit odd, but never mind.