October 16th, 2003


Time passes

Pleasant evening swimming and then in the pub last night. Came second in the pub with the able assistance of Mobbsy's brother, and had fun exploring the quiz machine. Won money on both Trivial Pursuits and Around the Wrold in 80 Days as well as a pound on spot the difference. Of course it all went back in again but we definitely got our money's worth. Around the World in particular was good fun. Quiet day at work today, still haven't talked to Paul properly though I did pop in and say hi on the way out this evening again. Nice just to say hello. Got home to find a lovely bunch of flowers hiding in our bin cupboard, sent by my mum after she talked to me on Sunday because she wanted to cheer me up. And she rang to check I was OK too, didn't want to think that talking to me at the weekend had made me feel worse. As I said it was a bit upsetting at the time but it was what made me realise I needed to sort stuff out better and perhaps the new pills will start to help soon. Shame I can't drink on them, especially since the engineering computing staff are going to the pub for lunch tomorrow, but never mind, probably do me good to cut back for a bit. Still haven't managed to get to bed properly til 1am any night this week, so am far too tired for the pub tonight. We'll probably be there with cam.misc tomorrow anyway. Quiet night in tonight anyway, nice dinner of bread and cheese and pate, and I'm going to go curl back up with Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising in a minute or too.