October 13th, 2003


Back at work

Well, it could have been worse. Enough to keep me fairly busy til 2, and then I had to head off over to the doctors. I only rang them around 12, so I was surprised to get an appointment at such very short notice. We've decided to go for a change of pills and see if that helps, so starting Wednesday (a day off after today's last fluoxetine pill) I'll be taking 20mg of citalopram a day. See how it goes. I shouldn't be expecting to feel any better on them for at least 10 days or so though. He did ask several times if I thought being signed off work for a while would be a good idea. But to be honest I think if I take time away sick I'm not going to be any better when I go back unless I've actually done something to try and sort it out. And it's only 2 weeks til I have a fortnight off too. I can always go back if I change my mind before then.

Back in the office around 3:30 and found enough bits and pieces to keep myself occupied for the rest of the afternoon, though not *terrribly* productively. I also emailed the universtity counselling service today, and have an appointment at the earliest the staff counsellor can manage. This is unfortunately not until 19th December. But better than nothing.

Quiet evening in, not doing much, gently geeking, nice company on irc. Lovely to be talking to Andrew again. Really really touched to be invited to watch his team on University Challenge next week. I shall look forward to it. Seems pretty busy at the moment actually. Hopefully up for the Calling tomorrow night. And there's a cam.misc meet on Friday. Have to decide if I do want to go back to slimming class tomorrow and sign up and start over after all, or if it's just a waste of time. I don't know if I can do it at all at the moment.