October 5th, 2003



Lovely day yesterday: lazy morning followed by lunch in the Zebra with Mike and then Pirates at the Warner, which was great fun to see again. Then briefly home before joining Richard and some of the others who'd been to Go Ape at Becky's for the early stages of her birthday party. It was a great party, becky had made a rather good brownie cake and some excellent cookies and jelly and Tom cooked us a fabulous apple crumble. I suspect the cheesecake was nice too but was too full by that point to eat anything else. Drank lots, spent much of the evening snuggled with Simon, and just generally had a good time. Had been a bit knackered early on but had just begun to get a second wind when rjk was running out of his, so I stayed a little later than he did, which meant I got to say hi to Mike again and Vicky too which was nice. Those are fab boots. And I'm awfully lucky to have such nice friends. Spent today not hungover but tired, not doing very much at all really, but pleasantly quietly pottering round the house. I do wish the weekend were longer.