September 28th, 2003


You guys are so lovely

Thanks Simes and E-J for a great party, and congratulations on three years so far and hopefully many more to come.

I had a lvoely time: drank too much, flirted maybe a little bit, taught people to astral polevault and drank some more. It was cool. Great to meet John's girlfriend Tess in particular, but nice to see everyone else too. And as usual Kitty insisted I *must* come and stay in London soon. Possibly for the next B-movie, if not I'll see you at Whitby.

The bungee jumpiong was cool too.
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I do hope E-J writes up the tale of the amazing appearing and disappearing pants.

Lazy day, nice dinner, not done much other than doze and read and geek. Watched an episode of Enterprise, mostly just out of curiosity and was impressed by just how really appallingly bad it was. And that's about it for today.
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