September 22nd, 2003



Underworld was good fun in a leave your brain at home sort of way. Mobbsy's review is pretty fair, but as others have said the corsetry was good enough to keep me more or less amused. And the confusion as to who exactly is a good guy is quite nicely done too. Obvious handle for follow-up film at end, which is fairly inevitable these days. Want to see Calendar Girls and the new Italian Job too at some point, but shall leave the former until another day since Karen can't make it this evening. Was nice to see people yesterday too, and just to sit around outside the pub afterwards. Was definitely feeling a bit out of it by the time we headed home though.

Feeling like shit for having worried people on Saturday, really not coping with work at all at the moment either, not so much in a not getting things done way as in a seeing any point to me being here at all. Mostly I'm just tired tired tired from sleeping badly last night. A nap at my desk over lunch has helped a little. And glad of the rain, it's really been needed. Everything just seems so pointless at the moment though.