September 20th, 2003



Vary last two CDs are ripping. And thanks to Tom we've had a very pleasant evening of conversation, good food and Henvy V.


That's it. Every album ripped. All tracks named. A handful of tracks done by hand separately (jack doesn't like doing the last track before a data track for some reason). Only one track which wouldn't rip in all however many albums it is. rjk's probably better at driving find to count them than I am so I'll let him. Over 3700 tracks all told though, using nearly 20 Gig of disk space.

If anyone has a copy of Porcupine Tree's "Coma Divine - Recorded Live in Rome" that I can borrow to rip track 9 off that would be really appreciated.

Underworld, Warner, 3:30, Sunday 21st

Becky, Mobbsy, Richard and I have tickets, anyone else is welcome to join us.

Lovely day: B5 in the afternoon followed by very nice dinner with Becky and far too much gin. Good company, daft mp3s and bits of DVDs.

Slight hiatus in journal this afternoon was due to Richard suggesting it might be better not to be talking about ripping cds publicly in this journal, given it's technically illegal, and him saying it about 2 minutes before we left the house so I didn't have time to think about it or do anything about individual journal entries and figured I'd just delete it temporarily in the meantime. On balance I reckon at this point I either give up entirely and don't bother with a journal at all, or I don't worry too much about it.

This journal is entirely open, apart from the one friends-only post with contact details in. I don't want to change that, and while I might be more circumspect about what I say in future I don't want to go back and erase bits of it either.