September 15th, 2003



Weekend washes woes away, while we wait, wishing. When? What if? Where will he wander?

Who would want what we want? Which way were we witched?

Week wins. Work. Weary.

Translation :-)

Well the weekend was a really good one, and did make me feel much more relaxed, apart from the occasional attempts to prop up exploding friends. Nice to spend the weekend doing nothing much at all, and not even really worrying about the housework. Even if it does mean I have housework to do tonight instead.

I am vaguely wondering if and when August will ever hear about this job, and if it's a no what he'll do. But it's not as much in the forefront of my mind as the alliterative entry made it sound. Also wondering if Jan's OK, and hoping she had a good relaxing weekend too.

It is indeed the start of a new week, back to work, and I am tired. But I got more sleep this weekend than I have in ages, and while I'm not quite feeling thoroughly refreshed due to a less good night last night I'm still a lot better than I was.

10 year plan

Seems a lot of artists seem to like to release best of albums covering 10 year spans. U2 have 2 of them, Springsteen managed 4 whole LP of live material in 75-85. 10 years just seems to be a timespan that appeals for some reason. It was strange seeing than Jo's brother is more than 10 years younger than me. 10 years ago I was still at school, in the upper sixth, not worrying too much about A-levels yet and busy chasing JT, maybe even going out with him by now. Time doesn't half fly. And more than half of those 10 years has been spent with Richard. Wow!

I don't feel like I've got anywhere much really. At 17 I was good at what I did and enjoyed it, now I'm bored and mediocre. Perhaps it's just rose tinted sunglasses. Oh well, let's see what we can do over the next 10.