September 10th, 2003

nekkid, nekkid 2003


Lets think. Spent Sunday evening mostly curled up in front of Heat on the telly, which was rather good (did I mention that already?).

Had enough work to keep me buys all Monday which was cool. Despite shopping for DVDs on Monday lunchtime haven't watched either yet and spent Monday night watching the silly program about Friends Reunited on Channel 5, followed by 28 days. The latter turned out to be a pretty good film, though not terribly cheering.

Less work to do on Tuesday, but a few bits and pieces to slot inbetween the quiet bits, so it wasn't too awful a day. Nice lunch in town with Richard, and a potter round the shops without buying anything. though purple glittery eyeliner in Claire's was tempting. Nothing on the telly last night, so we switched it off, yay, we've got the hang of this already, after just watching part of the news. Amazingly managed to find enough things to cook real food and came up with a surprisingly authentic tasting cottage pie. It was actually really nice, which suprised me, usually these things end up too bland when I make them.

Read for a bit and then to bed with book. Eyes stopped staying open around 11:15 and rjk came to bed and turned the lights out by around half past. Unfortunately I then seemed to fail to sleep very well. I did doze on and off but none of it was very deep, and there was a lot of lying around daydreaming. Felt really rough when I woke up and don't even seem to have drunk the coffee Richard made me. Got the work routine stuff done from home and went back to bed just after 10, and then succeeded in getting to sleep and sleeping right through until nearly 1.

Feeling somewhat better now, should go find some lunch, but I don't think it's quite worth going into the office. I shall seeif the Dcotor has any suggestions for better sleep when I see him tomorrow. It is something he always asks about when consulting about depression.


No chiark == no mail, no news, no irc, even no bloody promising nethack game. I mean I could play another at home but it wouldn't be the same. One bit of great news today (congrats to brrm on the new job!), and one bit of no news so far, which I'm only not fretting about because I made the foolish mistake of going back and re-reading entries from his journal instead of mine for a change and am too busy being fed up instead. I'm trying not to care, I really am, but it doesn't work.