September 9th, 2003



Paul and I seem to have worked out an ingenious way of getting round copy protection on CDs, or at least to get round the way they implement it by stopping you from playing the CD on your computer.

He'd offered to lend me a copy protected CD you see, so I could test if it would work on my DVD player, before I scrap the CD player. So he popped into the office with a Celine Dion (ick, but it's in the name of science) CD, which is proudly labelled on the front "Will not play on PC/Mac". So I figured what the hell and stuck it in my CD rom drive and hit the play button on the front to see what would happen. It played. But maybe that's just because I'm only playing it in hardware, right? (There's no soundcard on this machine). So he took it back through to his office and tried playing it in software there. It played. So there you go, copy protection (in this case) broken.

Now we just have to find one which *doesn't* just work that I can test. Christi: was it the Mike Oldfield ones you were talking about the other day?