September 2nd, 2003


I should know better really

Took mudguard along with bike to Drakes yesterday, said "this bit" is broken, and they said "bridge clip", and asked them to replace it and refit the mudguard. Should have just asked them for the bit. They couldn't fit the job in until late yesterday afternoon, and when they did they charged be L6.75 for labour and 85p for the part.

Is it unreasonable to expect to be told the minimum labour charge before they do the job, if it's such a small job? Is it unreasonable to expect better service when I've already spent lots of money with them having more expensive fiddly bits replaced (bottom bracket, rear cogs, new back wheel etc)? Is it unreasonable when they originally sold and fitted the mudguard in the first place, under a year ago?

Unreasonable or not I was kind of half expecting it by the time I came to pick it up, so I really should have known better. It wouldn't have taken that long to do myself, it was just I couldn't face carrying the bloody mudguard home again first.
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Richard has mailed the people about the telly. In the meantime I went out to lunch with Mobbsy (noodles++, old-rosie++ although certainly any more than a half of it would have been foolis in the extreme) and then popped into Richer Sounds (as you do) and came out with a DVD player. Not the model I'd gone in for but the same price and met my specs of "multiregion/black" so cool. Bit heavy mind.

Oh yeah, the model is a CyberHome CH-DVD 402 if you care.