September 1st, 2003


Still weekend :-)

Glad I took a long one. Theory test at 10 (about to head out). TV due today. If it arrives early enough and the weather cooperates we'll probably go punting this afternoon, just the two of us.

Update: passed! 35/35 on multiple guess, 53/75 points on hazard perception. Another 2 years to sort out the practical aspect then.


Nearly no longer working hours and still no telly, what's the point of telling us what day they'll deliver and then not turning up until this late? Have spent the day mostly staring at:

Have got it down to only 8 we don't yet have plausible answers for, which is not too bad going, even if it did requite both of us. Will keep trying. Have also been ripping CDs, new drive isn't half quick! The encoding is rather slower mind. Sad not to see Jan on irc today, but I can understand. Wish I could do anything other than send hugs in both her and Sion's direction. Doubt anyone can though.