August 21st, 2003



Work has been spent fighting Sobig, with a certain amount of success. We've got it throwing most of them on the floor and only leaving a manageable amount left being frozen to eyeball and double check before deleting. Still that's around 40000 messages in 48 hours, not even counting the ones that have been got by the spam filters since they're coming from dialup/cable addresses.

Dinner at Simon's last night, which was nice. His azerbajhanian lamb pilaf was very nice indeed and then we sat and snuggled on the sofa through The Craft which I've not seen since it was at the cinema. Very silly film. Can't help feeling terribly sorry for Nancy, even if she isn't a very nice person. Talked a lot about nothing much and all in all had a very pleasant evening.

Said goodbye to Emma this morning before work, and she'd bought us a present which was very kind. She showed me the results of her shopping the previous day, fabulous bargain hunting in the wedding shop that's closing down. Quiet evening in this evening. Listening to a compilation CD called "Dark Side of the 80s" which is very cheesy, geeking quietly, catching up on the last few weeks of LJ comments, and nice fish pie which is just ready for dinner so I'd best go eat it.

And that's heading towards 3 whole days in a row without crying. Weird.