August 18th, 2003



My mum bought me this skirt almost exactly a year ago. We were up visiting them for the weekend and we all drove up to Newcastle to spend the day with Emily. It was the August bank holiday weekend and in celebration of me being lots thinner we went clothes shopping, as you do. And I couldn't believe I fit in a size 14 from Next, it was a lovely feeling. Now a year later I lost more weight in the meantime, but now I'm back hovering around the same sort of weight but actually a little fatter, because this skirt doesn't actually fit very comfortably any more. And I'm still wearing it because I don't really have anything much that fits any better, and hey at least I can do it up. Funnily enough this is rather depressing. I'm not looking forward to being home next weekend at all.

Slept badly last night, too little sleep over the weekend and too much booze and food and I wa sup half the night feeling like I was going to be sick, though in the end it seems it was just wind. This left me somewhat shattered still this morning. Wasn't going to go into the office, but Caroline had some stuff she wanted to talk me through, so headed over there in the afternoon, via the station by bus to pick my bike up, just so I could do a couple of hours of work there. Ah well, it needed doing. Looks like I can't really take next week off: Caroline's already covering for 3 people that week, and while I'm easier to cover for it seems a bit unfair to add me on top of that, and it is rather short notice. Maybe I'll take the one after it off instead. Or maybe I'll carry on just not getting round to it.

Read some more when I got home, then geeked a bit but there was sod all news and LJ to read and only spam by mail. Made dinner and ate and then tidied up mail archives just for something to do. 30MB of mail even when zipped from 1995 to 2002 inclusive. Goodness. Rebooked theory test, since I found the licence at the weekend. Annoyingly it was down the *side* of the set of shelves upstairs that Paul and I had looked down the back of. It is now pinned down by my monitor, so hopefully I can't lose it again by the first of September. And now I should go to bed really. Not that it really appeals, but *shurg*. At least I'm enjoying my book eh?

Oh yeah, Calling

After talking to Emma at the weekend she's realised she's got a bit of spare time now she's got everything in terms of dress and shoes and so on organised, so she was hoping to come over to Cambridge and say hi. I suggested the Calling was this week, so it's possible she'll be here for that, so if anyone wants to say hello to her then yell. I've got her mobile number if you want it.

Not that I'm going to be a huge ball of energy but never mind.