August 12th, 2003



Good things
- dinner with Ian and Clare tomorrow
- having lunch with Jan on Thursday
- elb's hen night and tatmeet at the weekend
- dinner with SGT next week
- the weather being cooler but still pretty
- The Scar - nearly halfway through now, ages since I've read anything so fast
- new computer due soon
- new telly due soon too

Bad things
- weight, especially given half the good things above
- work
- dissertation
- feeling awkward with Jan
- coming to terms with the fact that things are *over*, and the implication that I should just deal OK

And despite the fact the former list is much longer, and half of them occurred to me while I was writing this and that ought to have made me feel better right?, the bad stuff is *really* weighing on me.

Need to send a couple of cards, and a present. Keep forgetting to bring Em's address to work and don't have sensible computer at home. *Must* do something about it either tonight or tomorrow morning.


Straight to class, by a route which seemed to involve as many hills as possible (Castle Hill to get to Histon Road, then up the slope to the roundabout over the A14, then uphill over the railway line the other side). Lost 1lb this week, which is the one I put on last week. Mildly frustrating, but I haven't been perfect, even though it's been pretty hard work. Too many meals on the move really. Shall try to be good this week other than dinner tomorrow and Saturday's fun. Don't need to eat at the pub on Thursday even if I'm there most of the evening, can grab something sin free before I arrive or something. I think I'm going to allow myself 5-10 sins a day on the other 5 days of the week though, cos otherwise it just gets too hard.

Can't update graphs since all the data is over there -> not currently attached to a working machine. Dabs have shipped the bits, but still can't be more accurate than 1-3 days for when they'll arrive. Oh and I sent Em's birthday present: silly me had forgotten she's staying with my mum and dad this week anyway, so I didn't need to remember her address in Newcastle after all. Spent a pleasant evening quietly geeking in a halfway decent environment again, though the keyboard mapping is somewhat b0rken. @"# are all hard to get right, Played some more gridlock, had a nice stirfry for dinner. Rjk's been off watching pirates (Arrr!) again, which is why I've been able to borrow his computer. Took me a while to find the right runes to startx to make it use a different display (startx -- :1): Richard told me them the other day but I didn't write it down. Odd using a different window manager. Who on earth thinks click-to-focus is a sensible default? I guess this is what we get for trying to be windowsey.

Think I'm going to produce fruit salad of some description now and then go to bed with more of The Scar. Nice and cool this evening so maybe I'll get some sleep.
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