August 11th, 2003


Strange day

Spent much of it feeling useless, and sending long wibbly email into black holes, but actually on balance by the end of the day I seem to have geeked a little, got stuff done quite well at work and quite a lot thereof too, worked reasonable hours without even trying, and even had a very nice lunch from M&S, even if it was a ridiculously expensive one. *How* much are cherries? So despite being too hot (our office building takes a long while to notice temperature changes, but my room is now up to around 27 all day instead of the pleasant 24 it was still holding last Wednesday) I'm feeling quite perky just now.

Computer ordered from Dabs, once you take off the price of the big disk for rjk and the 50 quid he owes me it's even down to a sensible price too. W00t, in some days time I may actually own a computer I mostly paid for myself, and a new one at that, which will be the first non-hand-me-down machine I've owned, despite being my 4th desktop.
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