August 10th, 2003


Today's theme: red

Red hair, red nails, red nose stud, red bikini, red hot.

Hiding in the house wearing not very much. Tried outside in the shade but it's actually better in here. Dammit, wanted to go out on my bike, just to do *something*. Shall probably just start another book instead, having finshed Carol Shields Unless last night. Would review it but I'm crap at them. I liked it anyway.

Still eating leftover food prepared for BBQ yesterday. Serves me right for over doing it. The bean burgers are quite nice when they actually stay in one piece. Well they were quite nice when they disintegrated too, but I don't think that would have worked well on a BBQ though. frozen_mullerlight_lollies++

Suddenly find myself wondering how well tesco's online shopping will work in lynx, if at all. Hmmm.

Exciting day, or something

Entirely spent sitting around in a bikini, reading a bit of news and LJ (thankfully there's not too much of the latter on a Sunday or I wouldn't keep up, given this user interface), reading Ideal Home and Slimming World magazines, eating and drinking and making a start on The Scar. A few chapters in and it's looking promising.

Dinner with Clare and Ian on Wednesday should be nice, and with Simon T the following Wednesday should be good too. Well done to Jan for prodding us to be organised about tatmeeting next weekend. Now just another week to get through in one piece first. Theory test (and sister's birthday) on Thursday, and dammit I *will* go to the pub afterwards. And Richard can decide for himself if he wants to go too. Slimming class on Tuesday. Should try spend Friday evening with Richard if I'm abandoning him for the w/e, and tomorrow we have the excitment of a tesco delivery to look forward to.

Still tired, still fed up, still fretting about anything and everything, but hey at least I have a good book to drown myself in and forget about it for a while, and at least it's cooling down now.
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