August 4th, 2003


More books

Started in the bath last night, and finished this morning, "The Princess Bride" by S Morgenstern (the good bits version, abridged by W Goldman). I have barely ceased giggling. Now I want to watch the film again!

Not sure what to do with this afternoon. Vaguely contemplating taking the bike out for a spin. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Bits of me are grouching in the background, but in a kind of "oh well" sort of way. I may be mildly cross but to be honest it might be for the best anyway. And it may just make life much easier if I just shrug and carry on.
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    perky, sunshine!

Ug, me tired

Maybe it's the heat, maybe it's hae having to go back to work tomorrow, maybe it's the eating too much junk food, maybe it's the reading through old LJ posts *again*, but I have gone zog this evening. Need to perk self up somehow.

Spent the day mostly alternately geeking, reading, dozing in the garden in the shade, and dyeing my hair. Amused that I mentioned this when rjk got in and asked what I'd been doing and only then realised that he hadn't noticed. Good way into Unless by Carol Shields, which I am enjoying. And we have a to-do list for this evening at least. Even if we haven't done any of it yet.

The best thing about the last few days has been feeling like people do actually enjoy spending time with me, and like me and want me to be around, which I hadn't been feeling for a while. Particular thanks to Simon on Thursday, Richard on Friday and Duncan on Saturday afternoon. I do sometimes feel like I could just walk off the map and no-one would notice or care if they did, and having people pleased to see me makes one hell of a difference to that.