August 3rd, 2003



Should I just blush lots and get it over with? What a very nice party indeed anyway, and very nice people. Nice to meet dakeyras again and say hello properly this time. Nice to properly introduce myself to Rebecca/Scorpian. Especially nice however to meet Jacob's girlfriend Rachel. I seem to have made a friend. In fact *gosh*. My goodness what a very very lovely woman.

You know I think I may just have had a very *very* nice day.
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As for today, woke at 5:30 and took painkillers for the hangover, woke again around 8ish or so and *censored* before getting a bit more sleep and eventually getting up around 11. Feeling a little delicate today and a lot tired, but very pleasantly so. I think today will be a somewhat quiet day really, and I can worry about sorting out the housework tomorrow.
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Et voila

Harry Potter et la coupe de feu, c'est fini! Et c'est bon. J'avais oublié quelque part des choses qui sont dans le dernier partie du roman. C'est assez dificile de comprendre, parce que ma Français n'est pas assez courant. Mais je l'aime bien. Je dois chercher le livre numero cinq!

Qu'est-ce qu'on va lire maintenant? Peut-etre "the Scar" de China Mieville je pense.