July 30th, 2003



Well, more sort of organising. Decided to do something about the pile of bits and pieces I want to keep, so have filed those mementoes that are flat in a scrapbook (need sticking in and annotating, but they're at least in the right pages in the right order), filed a couple of letters in the lever arch file I've been using for that for a while, and got round to doing something about the postcard collection. As a result of this my heap of junk in the spare room is no longer a heap, which is cool. And I have a present for jdc if he mails me his snailmail address. Need more black card and bluetack. Probably need a bunch of photo albums, since they're the only remaining un-organised thing. Also need dinner after all that being organised. Sausage and bacon and eggs are calling me.

Black or silver?

Would you believe I spent over an hour searching the web this afternoon and came up with a sum total of about 3 tellies that were black (or nearly black) instead of silver. And neither of the widescreen ones have the dimensions of the whole unit available, so I can't tell if it would fit in our living room. Have mailed people to find out anyway, we shall see. Is black really so unpopular a colour for TVs/stereos etc these days?